I just finished my portfolio site

Hi, i just finished creating and deploying my portfolio, i’d love to get feedback on how to improve it further.

link to site: Portfolio Site

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Congratulations on finishing your portfolio. It does look very sharp. I think the big issue that needs to be fixed first is that it is not responsive to changes in view port width. In other words, the menu always stays on the left side of the page even at very small screen widths, which causes the dreaded horizontal scroll bar.

Hi, thanks for the input, do you care to send me a screenshot of how its showing on your end with smaller screens.

Congrats on the progress, one suggestion - the about me section could do with margin/padding since some text is hiding in the edges.

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll make sure to work on the padding/margin :smile:

Just open your site and narrow your browser in as far as it will go.

Just check it out, good work so far.

1 suggestion. I did click on your resume. I am not sure how real that info is, but if it is actual personal info about yourself I would suggest you not link personal deals for the world to have access to for security reasons. If the info is just fake the nothing to worry about.