I just got my book: Up & Going - You Don't Know JS!

Look at what just came in the mail this evening. My first web development book ever!

Up & Going - You Don’t Know JS (Javascript) by Kyle Simpson. This is the first book of the 6 series.
Totally Awesome…:slight_smile:

I’m going to start reading it and keep you all updated on my thoughts, learnings, problems, etc… on this book.

Other discussions on this first book, of this series, is 100% Encouraged here on this thread.

Happy Coding!


I’m reading the online version just because I can read it on the go whenever I’m free.

Onto book 3 - ‘this & object prototype’ now. A good read.


@ManOnACodingMission Cool! I’m going to be reading the online version, on the go, as well.

So, what did you think about the Up & Going book?
Please share, I’m just curious! :sunglasses:

maybe I’ll go into this series after finish eloquent javascript, chapter 6 currently. I also prefer paperback books.

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The first book goes into the basics. If you don’t know much about JS, or programming in general, it’s a good start.

I like how he used analogy to describe some basic concepts. The subsequent books get into more advance topic. I sometimes need to read it a couple of times to understand the concept.

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Well then, I’m starting off good. :grin:

Thanks for your honest opinion!

No problem. Glad to help. Good luck.

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exciting! Let me know how it is…

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@iheartkode I sure will do that! :sunglasses::thumbsup:

I will probably be getting each book, of the series, as I move along and will be posting about them here in the You Don’t Know JS category.

Thanks Bud!

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@FlipTheDev If so, you could save quite a bit by buying in bulk http://shop.oreilly.com/category/get/kyle-simpson-kit.do

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I’m currently reading Scope & Closures online, and it is not a complete noob series. Even the Up & Going was an interesting read with stuff about ES6. I really enjoy the read so far as it’s really explaining the deep stuff that makes JS work.

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@roman Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do on my next purchase. I’m going to get the remaining 5 books, of the series, in one shot.

A definite saving!

Awesome Sauce! I’m going to check it out.

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I truly love this quote and it definitely got my attention!

When you strive to comprehend your code, you create better work and become better at what you do. The code isn’t just your job anymore, it’s your craft.

Jenn Lukas, Front-end consultant

This quote is in the foreword part of the book, at the beginning of the book.

I thought, I would share with you all!


@Luiko How are you liking Eloquent JS? I’m on Chapter 4 right now [Data Structures: Objects & Arrays]. I started reading this book about a year ago but stopped around chapter 4-5. I found it very difficult as a beginner. But now I find the book really great and the examples to be easily understood. Looking forward to the chapters after 5. Should be a challenge.

I’ve read that a good “book path” if you will is Eloquent JS and the You Don’t Know JS series. I am not too familiar with ES6 so I’m hoping to build good fundamentals with ES and then get a grasp of the newer syntax with YDKJS.

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Recently the author of YDKJS has taken an interview in Software Engineer Daily. I recommend it :slight_smile:. http://softwareengineeringdaily.com/2016/06/12/2610/

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Nice. I highly recommend Simpson’s series, possibly after reading Eloquent JavaScript first.

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Thanks for this, great find.

Did you learn from these books at the same time whilst going through the FCC track. Or did you learn from these books afterwards?