I just got my cert: JavaScript Algorithms & Data Structures

25 days later (8-10 hour days) I earned my certification. All my solutions are unique and were solved by myself without any hints.

My approach:

  1. Look for patterns, apply math if possible to resolve those patterns
  2. Write in English what you want accomplished… Example loop 5 times but each time subtract 1, then push to new container…
  3. Pseudo code your English work
  4. Test pseudo code every 4-5 lines for expected output
  5. Understand your code/syntax and when stuck revisit basic stuff
  6. If frustrated step away for an hour and come back… go get some food or chill for a sec… this step is vital to keeping your mind fresh!

Now I did this for most problems, but they’re were times I just didn’t do it to be honest… but for the most part I did. P.S. smallest-common-multiples killed 4-5 days of my time, on avg. I solved about 2.5 a day if that makes sense…

Thank you all!


Good job and Congratz!

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Thank you! Working on that suggested CSS part now and you were not wrong learning a lot!!

Awesome job,
keep us posted!

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