I just have so many questions in my head

I just started learning html just for two days so forgive me- ok well let’s learn some html- but where will I write this html that I don’t even understand, where will I use it. I really don’t understand, I saw it written in notepad or somewhere. So when you’re writing html, are you doing something without a preview? Also, I’m very curious how you turn these documents into something real???

Hey! Don’t worry if you have a lot of questions because that’s what we are here for :smile:

HTML is a language that helps us in creating websites. So if you ever want to build an online website like facebook, instagarm, whatsapp or even freeCodeCamp, you’ll have to use HTML directly or indirectly.

Its actually possible to write HTML in notepad but i wouldn’t recommend it. You can do it if you’re just starting out and aren’t working on an actual project but if you’re serious about this profession then i would recommend you to just download a code editor like VS Code or sublime text (my recommendation is VS Code because its pretty much the industry standard). These code editors have great features like syntax highlighting (coloring parts of code in different colors) and code completion (it tries to guess what you’re trying to write and gives you suggestions to complete the sentence) so its easier for developers to work with them.

I don’t understand what youre trying to say here though haha :joy:

If you have any more questions, let me know! :smile:


There are a few tools you can use to generate a preview when writing HTML. Codepen is quite beginner friendly and pretty easy to use.

If you mean ‘how do I turn the HTML into a working website?’ then there’s a few options. I like neocities personally. It’s best for hobby websites and you write all the code directly to make the website.

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thanks for answering my question… I was really thinking that I would look like a dumb asking this what I was trying to explain in that part was how a working website was created, like,it need things like a server or something.

Ahhh got it. so there’s multiple ways to do it. you can either use a service that publishes your website automatically like @Griff mentioned or you can either do it yourself but that requires some previous programming knowledge.

if you want to learn more about how this whole process works, you should read through this article.

Install VS Code and then install the Live Preview extension.

There are free hosting sites that are very beginner friendly. Like Netlify which has drag and drop support. Shouldn’t take much effort to get your site up and running.

After only two days everything is still going to be very confusing. Just stick to it and it will slowly start to make more sense.

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