I just started front end libraries. Should I be able to do this?

So I just started the front end libraries section and the first project is a random quote machine. My question is should I be worried if I’m completely lost and nowhere near being able to do this on my own? I’m essentially just copying what the example is and looking at his code I would not even come close to producing any of that code on my own. Mind you I know what 90% the code is doing, I just wouldn’t have been able to sit down and reason it out myself. So should I be able to make something like this on my own by the time I reach this section?

yes, but not in the way that you instantly know how to start

in the sense that you would need to sit down, brain storm all the different parts that you would need, broke down in the smallest components, and you should be able to do most of those smallest components (even looking back at challenges or documentation), and be able to find out how to do those parts that the curriculum didn’t cover


Hmmmm okay well maybe I’m just getting too in my head about it.