I Just started using code pen app and my ccss doesnt work

Hi guys i dont know if anyone can help my but i just started using coode pen app and i was starting to built a web site and in html i created a head and add text to it and a class when i went to css to used that class to center it i didnt work and i tried doing some other things in css but nothing i code is apply i think its something about the platform but i dont know why can anyone help my?

hello @kevinascanior !

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here is the thing code pen have build html and head tag so you just have to write your code without giving head tag and body tag and for css you don’t have to link that css to codepen html
thank you!

Hi @rio_sanap ! thanks for you answer! I tried doing what you said but it is still not working this is how it stays:

don’t use that style tag too in your css just write your code directly

Hi @kevinascanior,
remove the style tag in the CSS panel and it will work.

I hope I was helpful :wave:

Thank you guys! @HawksSpawn @rio_sanap it work! Apparently css didnt work on the “head” tag i tried with header and it work!

thanks again!

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