I just upgrade my calculator test it and give me your opinion

Your feedbacks please,any suggestion and rate me on 10

Hi, just checked the 9999999*99999999, and it returned 0

thnak you , my calculator dosn’t return number with length more than 9 character

You should display the equation live, and make the font bigger.

thanks brother i 'm working to fix it when i finish i will update it

The text at the bottom, the running history doesn’t clear, and seems to have a few quirks in how it displays.

Generally works though good work.

thanks , i didn’t complete the function that display the history

hi friend I managed to display the equation live please give me your opinion

i managed to improve my caculator please chech it and give your opinion

It looks really good, i like it. Try making the top text and bottom text just slightly bigger. Fill up that space a little more.

Try another font, that one looks weird. Maybe a computer number font?

thanks brother , you mean the space where the result and the equation displayed and would you like to give a suggestion for the suitable font type

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Something that looks computer/ pixelish/ binary

Letters example

Hi friend i change the font family and i make the space more bigger , is it good

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That looks great, perfect style (math --> computers --> your calculator)

Exactly what i was thinking.’

Might want to add a min-width: 390px; to your body (in css).


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