I just volunteered to teach web development. Your ideas please

We began fist day only working with HTML. Once it was time to start styling with CSS I started with a separate stylesheet from the very start. Since.I made the decision to use a proper editor, and also to spend some time explaining the request response cycle it was not at all to complex to point to the html head as a place where we’ll load the CSS resource . I followed the steps in Interneting is hard pretty much 90%.

That sounds really good actually… and yeah, I think its good that you get them familiar with the head before using the autocomplete feature. That Interneting is Hard site looks pretty awesome… !

How is the class going? Like how are your students taking it and coming along?

The class is over already It was every day Monday to Friday for a week. So it was really just a short introduction to show what’s possible and to make students interested and confident studying on their own. After the class we’ve also started having monthly meetups. Our first meetup was great and very encouraging.

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That really is awesome…and great idea to hold meetups to continue on after the class. Do you think you’ll be doing another class? Sounds like a great opportunity for them.

I think I might teach another class some time again if the charity is willing to offer the space and if people are interested. It was a lot of work, but also a welcome change to get out in the world so to speak since I do a lot of self studying at fcc and udemy from home.

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