I just want some advice from you guys and also some review

Ok hi everyone
I’m Suleiman Abubakar sadeeq a self thought frontend developer from Nigeria also a CS graduate. New to programming just started a year ago and really haven’t been consistently doing it but i still think am doing great for what i think though.

I have been doing some html, css and JavaScript i also have a good know how of react and next js but can’t really Brag with that much (: Here is my portfolio.
share some reviews and advice pls. I also would like to know what skill i should add or project to build that can land me a job because i have been applying and haven’t gotten yet I got initial reply a couple of times but couldn’t make it through in all. Thanks in anticipation.

Hello Suleiman,
I like your homepage, the image with the colors looks real good, and the hover over your navigation is well done as well. You are not trying to over complicate the page, which I think a lot of people tend to do because they want to show off their skills.

I like the first two projects, but there was something another member said that has me thinking about the notes and to do list. They said something along the lines of “How many times does a job recruiter look at projects and sees a to-do list. At what point does the to-do list lose its appeal?” Meaning, we can say a overwhelming majority of people have a to-do list in their project list, and a job recruiter may not be impressed after seeing the to-do list for the 100th time.

I agree 100% on the description you had for it. Everyone does start somewhere, and I see no problem with showing it right now. You always want to be creating new projects, so maybe in the future you might want to replace it with something that hasnt been seen everywhere.

That is just my opinion, I am sure there are those who will disagree with me. Either way, your page is looking good!

HI @YounGin !

The first thing that I noticed is that you don’t have any of your projects deployed somewhere.
People want to see the finished project.
I would focus on that first.
Deploy your full stack apps so prospective employers can see what you can do.

As for your link to the resume, I would just have a PDF available for download.
This is not a great way for people to access your resume. I don’t want to create an account just to view your resume.

As for the todo app, I would personally leave it out.
I agree that we all start somewhere but I personally don’t think a portfolio is the place to have small class projects.
Don’t get me wrong, we have all built those same beginner projects and it is great for learning purposes.
But you are trying to apply for a job in a really competitive junior developer market.
Make sure you only showcase projects that help you stand out.

Lastly, I feel like you have two very important advantages that you are not utilizing that well.
You have a CS degree and you have some work experience.
Most junior developers don’t have either of those things.
In your about section, you say you are working as a salesforce developer but it doesn’t say for how long.

If you not getting any interviews with those pieces of information then there might be flaws in your resume.

You need to make sure that your resume is really strong or else they will just move onto the next person.

I would take a look at these resume articles

Hope that helps!

Thank you for your positive review and advice. I’ll definitely work with all you said.

Thanks for the advice. The purpose of my discussion was to give me a heads up on how i should carry on. Thanks again and I’ll definitely grow with your advice

I am still on the same boat as yours. I’ve seen common suggestion for job-searcher webpage, that it’s better be a one pager web. I guess it’s better that instead of having four different pages, you just have a one page with 3 h-tags: Projects, About, and Contact, and have the links at your starter page to refer to those h-tags. So that when people click on that link, they’ll be segway-ed to that particular section. Yet, if people did not click on the link and just scroll through, they’ll see those sections anyway.

Yes i agree with you. And nice to meet you. How are you coping?

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