I just want you guy's honest opinion

I just want ppl’s honest opinion.
If I’m having hard time with html and CSS, which is considered as easiest programming language, is it time for me to accept that i am not meant for prgramming and give up? whenever i search on the web, ppl say they got pretty good with html and css in a week or two or at least month but sadly that is not the case. when i doing the tutorial and doing books like head first html and css, i can do it. but the next day, i forget half of them. And i start to have the chain of thoughs thinking that if i’m this slow at bascial level, how am i possible gonna master advanced programming langugage and further, how will i become get a job where there is alot of pressure and pace face work environment…
Sorry guys i am ranting here alot…

Hi! Absolutely not! :wink:
Building software is much more than HTML and CSS!
Anyways, is there anything I can do to help you? I’m quite new too, but we might end up learning something :stuck_out_tongue:

stop there, learning html and css doesn’t mean nemorizing the elements and property names. You can always look up documentation.
It means familiarizing with the stuff, learn how to put it together, and learn where to look stuff up.

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It isn’t easy, CSS is definitely not. It is deceptively simple but hard to master. There are plenty of developers that are pretty bad at CSS, to be honest. Not to mention have poor semantic and accessibility in their HTML. It’s apparently so “easy” people forget how to do a good job at it.

Reading a book isn’t going to help you remember. Using what you have read in projects will. You have to use the knowledge and use it often.

My suggestion, stop listening to what people have to say about the speed at which you are supposed to learn something and do not compare yourself to other developers. Don’t let other people tell you how fast you should learn something, take your time and learn it well. It takes time, dedication, and perseverance. With the right motivation and mindset, you can do it, I’m sure.

Just keep at it, in time you will forget the beginner struggle and have new mountains to climb. It never gets easy, only more and more challenging as you move the needle so be ready for a never-ending learning experience.

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Hi @limjames86 !

One thing I realized with this industry is that


But it is just an opinion. :grinning:
You have the option not to listen to it.

Just focus on learning and growing. :grinning:

I reject your premise. HTML and CSS are fiddly, difficult to debug, and error-prone.

That’s up to you. Do you want to stop? Do you dislike the learning process? Are you still feeling motivated to learn? There is no special innate ability that makes people good at programming or disqualify them from learning to be good at it. It’s a learned skill. Some people have already picked up some related skills from earlier parts of their life, but that’s just a matter of experience. Whether or not someone is likely to be successful comes down to what they’re interested in and what they enjoy.

The traditional path to becoming a programmer includes at least 4 years of full time study before starting an entry-level job. Learning to code includes lots of periods of confusion, and continuing on even when you don’t feel confident. It includes trying things and learning from failure. Being good at programming comes from learning a variety of related skills and you are always having to learn something new and foreign. The good news is that as you gain more skills, the new ones are easier to approach.

Learning to program is hard, and it takes as long as it takes. The only reason I’d say you should stop is if you decide it’s not worth it anymore.

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Thank you so much for your honest reply.
And i do agree with what you are saying there.
I know it’s bad comparing myself to others but it just felt like everyone is moving very fast with their programming journey and i am just stuck here. I still enjoy learning language. I will keep pushing through until i get to the level where i always wanted to be at.
once again, thank you very much for you thoughful commnet. much appreciate it

thank you so much. i really appreciate it

Thank you so much
Yeah. i think i was so frusted that It’s taking long time for me understand thing and everyone seemed like they are doing really well with their pgoramming journey but i should just keep at it and go with my own pace and not compare with others. thank you very much

thank you so much. I will remember you advice

for sure ^^ It’s always good to have friend and learn together.

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