I know basic C++ and I want to learn coding, where should i start on the Free Code Camp?

Hey i have heard alot about FCC(FreeCodeCamp), Im 20 and I m not going to college. I want to be on the right path early on to become a programmer. I know basic C++ and some advanced concepts like functions. Please guide me

There isn’t really a good replacement for a college education. You can learn quite a bit from the course material. However the best I recommend to start on FreeCodeCamp is the beginning. :wink:

Seriously though; when in doubt the best place to start in FreeCodeCamp is Responsive Web Design. It’s a huge fundamental for the rest of the curriculum.

Happy learning.

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I would echo above. The best approach is going through college. I understand that college is just not feasible financially to do for some. However, if you can make college work financially then I would highly suggest doing it. Its the best path to getting a job

Just because you dont go to college doesn’t mean you cant get a job, but you have to work three times harder to show employers you are just as good as someone who has a degree. Unfortunately, people with a degree are more than likely to to be looked at first when theres a job, and thats just life.

But if you are willing and ready to put in the work to make it happen then its possible to make it happen

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