I know this has been asked a million times but should I get a CS degree or go to a coding boot camp?

I am currently a junior high school. I have been learning how to code on and off when I have time. School gets in the way. The reason I would want to get a CS degree is that if I take enough duel credit classes(classes that count for both college and high school) I could graduate with a general studies A. A degree. With that i could then transfer to a university as a junior. It would probably take me 3 years to finish my degree.

On the other hand I dont think people are really hiring 18 year olds fresh out of high school with a coding bootcamp. Although if I knew I was going to one I would practice more now.

I still have some time to make a decision but I dont think my high school counselor would understand or recommend a boot camp.



Go for the degree and increase your odds. There’s a definite education bias in the hiring process of the majority of companies. Those with degrees will always be hired over those without, even given the same skill set. It’s not fair, but business is a slimy chap and the sooner you learn that, the better off you will be.

I’ve watched time and again of people posting on here with “I got the job coding”. Then reading into it further, you find out that most already have degrees in something, even if it’s not CS related. They added to their core skill set/tools.

If you have the means, GO TO COLLEGE, until then KEEP CODING.


I’d recommend going to college for the CS degree, as it’ll make you more employable in the eyes of most employers. There are also a bunch of intangible benefits for college, which are mentioned here: https://forum.freecodecamp.com/t/help-about-u-s-college-university/57582

If you don’t want to go to college at all (which is perfectly reasonable, but make sure you have a solid reasoning for your chosen path), I actually wouldn’t recommend the coding bootcamp either. My recommendation would be to take up to 2 years off and travel, or do something fun or adventurous. Take a really long road trip, backpack across Europe, visit any and all countries you’d like to visit in your lifetime, that kind of thing, You won’t be 18-22 forever and it’s the perfect age to explore the world and find yourself. You’ll be an “adult” but won’t have the responsibilities of one and it’s a time in your life that you should take advantage of as much as you can.

You can always put off college, or a coding bootcamp, until later. Heck, you could go to college at 22 if you want to, it’s not that unheard of. But you won’t be young and free of responsibility forever, because once you hit around 25, you’ll probably feel the urge to meet girls (well I’m assuming you’re a guy, but substitute if you’re female) and get settled down.

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I’m in a similar situation (junior in high school). Here is my opinion: Get the degree. And while you’re at it, keep doing FreeCodeCamp to work on things that your degree may not necessarily focus on (JavaScript, React, Node, building projects, contributing to open source, etc…)

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The creator of FCC himself has said that he advises getting the degree if and only if you have at your disposition:

  • The time it takes
  • The commitment
  • The money it costs

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep educating yourself online because once you graduate, your CS degree will most likely not be enough in some companies, they’ll also require you a coding whiteboard interview and some projects under your belt and what better site to do projects than FCC and courses on some MOOCs like Edx and Coursera.

I really have no authority to talk about this because I’m currently doing a degree in my country (Computational Systems Engineering) while learning everything I can from the internet (paid or free resources) and I’ve never had a CS or IT related job. This question has been answered countless times on Quora and Youtube; I’d suggest you go and search.

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@EgoDominusVos, @astv99, @IsaacAbrahamson, @luishendrix92, and @futurefemme
Thanks for the advice. I guess I have been reading to much on how to change careers that I forget that I dont have one.
I am sure now that college is my best bet. Thanks again for the responses.