I know this is a dumb question but how do you get the star on keyboard

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how do we get the star on the keyboard. i copied and pasted this * bit i dont know how to get it without copy and paste

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Press shift and 8 together.

You can add special symbols to html with a decimal or hexidecimal reference. A quick google search of “how to display ‘x’ symbol in html” will usually give you a list of the symbols and their hexidecimal references.

It depends on the keyboard layout.

One option that might help if you really can’t see it on the keyboard is using the On-Screen keyboard. If you search for “keyboard” in the start menu you should see it. The layout it uses tries to mimic your keyboard layout (with some limitations). See if you can find it on the visual display. Also, when pressing any of the modifier keys like Shift or Alt it will highlight the keys that it is switching to.

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