I learned, now what?

I completed the Responsive Web Design and the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certifications and I have also learned Django from Codecademy. What do I do now? I feel stuck

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Well, what would you like to do? You now have some tools for making your own software. What do you want to make?

Welcome to the community!

First congratulations on all of your success so far!

There are so many good courses provided here. I can understand you wondering “What do I do now?”

Have you considered the Front End Development or any of the other courses?

The direction you choose should be one that you know you want to add to your already impressive skills and resume.

Wishing you much more great progress!

You have skills. Now build as you continue to add more skills.

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Build, build, build…build projects ( can’t stress enough ). More you build projects ( with team preferably ) more confidence you will get each day

Refer to FrontEnd Mentor website

check my answer below from few days back

for now I will keep it aside and concentrate on building and mastering front end technologies.

You can learn this tech on job as well, as different startup use different backend technologies.

I will suggest you to learn node.js instead of Python based technology for backend, so that you can apply for full stack developer job