I live in Houston Tx and about to get my Associate Degree in CS, what jobs should I look for?

I live in Houston Texas and I am about to get my associate degree in CS by the summer. I am also on my way to get my FrontEnd certificate, How can I find a job with both of these, and what should i look for? most of the jobs I see for FrontEnd developer are requiring Bachelor Degree as minimum with many years of experience, any advices?

Yeah, apply anyway! If you have a good portfolio, show enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, someone might still give you a shot. Smart employers are realising that years of experience and credentials and qualifications don’t mean that you’ll be a productive employee. What really matters is that you can get things done, and a track record of getting things done is the best evidence you can provide. If you need more good stuff in your portfolio (and almost everyone does) then take on a few side projects. Approach some charities or non-profits and see if they need help. Create a website for your local community.


You may also want to consider Siver’s Get Hired Advice and How going to coding events helped me get an awesome job, listed in this Recawt post. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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@stewartmurrie @drikting, Thank you so much for your reply and advices, I am working hard to get my FrontEnd certificate so I can add it also to my portfolio, I think that should help.