I logged in and it says my progress was 0 when I've done hundreds

I logged in, by email, because it’s been a while and I gave me the option to log in through google, facebook, github and email.
The email and password was accepted but had 0 progress.
Can it reset after some time?
Any help is appreciated

Also my account to log in here I did by email also and it was my old forum account… I’m highly suspicious that my progress was reset somehow…

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: I just tried logging in through Github, and my profile pic was there now, but still started me out on what looked like lesson 1, but its just a new introduction they didn’t have when I did html 5.

So problem solved, not sure how to delete this post.

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Oh hmm… I was hoping that the email would work that way, so I was surprised to see my email login show a placeholder profile pic, but my github login showed my actual profile pic.

Either way it’s showing my progress now, thank you so much for the response.

EDIT: It was a different email that I thought.