I lose trust in the instruction of FreeCodeCamp

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I had a fun and great time studying with FreeCodeCamp.
I expected myself to be provided with numerous new knowledge.

However, it is frustrating and disappointing that in the part of Backend Development course, the instruction provided beforehand is completely insufficient to complete the challenge.
I always have to use the Hint section, which turns out to give more valuable information than the main section. I’m not talking about the logic it gives or the old knowledge it reminds me, but it is the code that is new, and totally should have been included in the main course.

So what is the point of reading the information in the main course?

Sorry, but I lose trust in FreeCodeCamp.

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solution: https://replit.com/@sondo133/boilerplate-mongomongoose

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Challenge: Create Many Records with model.create()

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Hi @sondo1333 !

Sorry to hear your disappointment with the backend section.

If you want to offer suggestions on how to improve the backend you can make posts in the #contributors section with specific examples on what you would like changed in the instructions.

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