I love programming but

Okay. I love programming and I feel great whenever I code. Especially whenever I get to solve these problems . I just HATE the designing part of it. I have no problem with JavaScript. Or in Python. So I don’t really know what I should do.

Welcome to the forum.

A lot of developers don’t like design. I am certainly one of them.

But at most medium to large companies, they will have people who’s job it is to do the designs. It is a separate job. There are a lot of great coders that are terrible at design.

That being said, learning the basics of design is good. But don’t over-worry if you are not good at it or don’t enjoy it.

I think that to a great extent what made me “better” at design was just to start paying attention to what other sites where doing, what worked, what didn’t.


It’s okay, you shouldn’t love the design. You’re a programmer, not the designer.