I love puzzles___

Hi, I am Chagit, 16 yo and studying at highschool. Recently I am interested with software languages, I find it funny like a puzzle. I have ZERO information about these things and English is not even my native language. My school is now at holiday and I have enough time (3 months) to deal with these things.

I want to create websites which is so similar to the some current websites making money in exchange for their services. My websites will be for free to make current websites/companies bankrupt, at least to downsize them.

Support me in my duty and reply my weird questions related with software languages.

First Duty:

I want to build a website which is similar to a current restaurant website. I wont share their names. Its sold for 700 Million $ to another company and I want them to go bankrupt. This website makes money when customers give an order from the website. I need to create visually much more beautiful and easy to use website to take their customers. I will also allow restaurants to register and use the site for free. They all will jump.

I am going to share the development stages of my website with pictures under this topic.