I m having a hard time in calling a async function in javascript

i m stuck in calling a async function in JS . I have to call a specific function which is not being called.

Hello there.

You have not asked a question, and this topic is broad, and can be Googled easily. So, we can only help you more, if you provide some context in the form of code, or more information about the project.

The more information you give us, the more we can help.

Sure . I figured this in popupController the ‘updateLastIntent’ must be called, it isn’t at the moment. Hope you get my question.
Also, I googled my question but i m confused due to the large code base.
Is this a correct way to called “UpdateLastIntent” in this format? image

So you have a self invoking function to recursively calling itself in a asynchronous fashion?

That is very confusing. What are you wanting to achieve with updateLastIntent?

Why are you wanting to call the function within itself? I can see it trying to be called 3 times within the script.

Actually I just have to call that method when the timer starts. I have to fix " Negative feedback display for “Timer” command shows different command transcription" .