I’m stuck on my CSS website

Hi all,
How are you all doing today?
I’m not sure where to post this question, I’ve obviously been doing the certificate but building my personal portfolio alongside as that’s the final goal.
However, frustratingly, I can’t get the navbar to move with the viewport window when seen on any device? There’s an error in my CSS. Do I post here or do I post elsewhere? Feel really daft for asking the question tbc.
I’m looking after two young kids, an elderly father and started a charity job so it’s going to take longer to finish lol


Because it is a css question it would be easiest if you create a repl.it or codepen of your code so that people can play with it and review it at the same time.

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hello and welcome back :slight_smile:

i dont see why not, fee free to share your code as “hbar1st” already mentioned in a “sandbox” kind of environment such as “repl or code or others as such”, good luck :slight_smile:

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Hi again
Thank you for your responses. I have copied the code into Codepen


hi there, now that I see the page, I’m a bit confused by this. The navbar is in the middle of the page and it seems to stay there? (where is it supposed to be and where is it supposed to go when we resize the page?)

Thanks for the response.
The navbar should have the pages as columns from left to right, but instead are all bunched up on the right. I’d like it to automatically resize and be centred if that makes sense? It looks awful as it is! :slight_smile:

after a quick look into your code, i can see that you’re using “table” for those “nav” items, do you have any particular reason for it? i bet you know that table is bit “complicated” to style, right? :slight_smile:

this table is missing some of its “structure” to get proper “default” styles, perhaps consider reading into this mdn article about styling tables, that should be useful, happy reading :slight_smile: Styling tables - Learn web development | MDN

Ah ok - I used table to give some structure, probably tables are a bit outdated? Thank you will have a look

Thank you I took the table tag out and it formatted better :slight_smile: thank you so much
Sometimes you can’t see the error for looking and a fresh pair of eyes helps lol

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glad i could help, good luck :smiley: and happy learning to us all :slight_smile: