I made a house sitting schedule with airtable. Check it out

My parents went on vacation to Hawaii, I needed a way to keep track of their house-sitting assignments.

Its very simple, I can improve the airtable layout a bit.

Any suggestions on how to tidy it up and make it mobile friendly?

Not sure what feedback you are seeking, since we do not know what the objectives or user stories were for this project. If we knew the objectives, then we could judge if we think the project fulfills them in our opinion.

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Thank you for letting me know, I fixed it a bit.

I see the updated original post. I am not familiar with Airtable. Is there a way to mark a row as “done”, so you visually see which tasks have been completed?

There is, I added it.

I’m not sure how to keep checkboxes multiple tasks per day at different times.

Theres probably a configuration that works.

Maybe there is a setting where it clears the Done column once a new calendar day has passed?

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