I made a personal illustration portfolio website. Feedbacks?

I learned HTML and css here and now I’m proud to be able to write up a site~~!
I forked this site from a template, then read online and found a way to add a smooth scroller and data anchors to help it scroll. I made sure to understand it, but for some reason it kinda is being funky with the latter parts - it scrolls straight to the end while I want it to stop on my third screen for a while. I checked my data anchors they seemed fine?

Any ideas why this is happening would be very helpful!!

I wonder how you made this looks so good , wanted to learn .

Thank you kavi…:sob: I looked at other ppls projects for inspiration…
I still cant solve the scrolling problems tho…

I don’t know if it helps, since you seem to be much farther along in your studies than I am in mine, but when I looked at the console, it seems like an error caused by a passive event is occurring.

The only other option I can think of is that it has something to do with the GridHorizontal error at the top, but both of these are just hunches.

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