I made a tribute page and now it is your time time to comment

Here is my tribute page .
This is the first HTML page which I’ve built from scratch.
I am new to this so, comment on it to make it look much more beautiful.

Hey, your images don’t seem to work. Also the text is very difficult to read.

Hi @sriwithsweetsmile. Thanks for posting you first ever web page!

As @BenGitter said, the text is very hard to read, for two reasons. Firstly, cursive typefaces are just hard to read in general—they should be used sparingly and usually in large sizes, like you have for your main heading. Body text is best with either a serif or sans-serif font. Secondly, white text on a black background is harder to read. One fix is to not use pure black and white—instead use a dark grey and a light grey. Also, it helps to space the text out more with a combination of increased line-height and letter-spacing properties in CSS.

The other thing I would suggest is removing the styling elements from your HTML and put it in your CSS. It’s generally a good idea to keep it all together.