I made another game with JavaScript and would love some feedback and suggestions

Hi! I came here last week to showcase my little “guess my number” game. You guys gave incredible suggestions and feedback, thank you very much for that.

This week I completed another small project, which is the “Pig Game”. For those who don’t know, it’s a simple dice game first described in print by John Scarne in 1945. Players take turns to roll a single dice as many times as they wish, adding all roll results to a running total, but losing their gained score for the turn if they roll a 1.

You can check it out clicking here.

I tried to put into practice everything I learned from javascript in those 3 months that I am studying programming. Variables, Arrays, Functions, DOM manipulation, etc. My biggest difficulty is still making the app responsive in an effective way. Sometimes I feel that it takes me a long time (in this project I needed almost two full days) to implement responsiveness and still it is still not 100% good. :frowning:

The game is for two people to play, but if you cant play with anyone next to you at the moment, it is still possible to play alone for the purpose of testing the mechanics.

Please take a look and let me know what you think!!

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I love it! It’s fun and looks great. I’m not a computer right now to give more detail, but worked well and responds well on my iPad. Good job =)

I like it as well.

Being a competitive person though, if possible I would limit the amount of rolls you can attempt too 3 or 4 and then it automatically holds and goes to the next player. Rolling a 1 as it currently is without a limit the odds are very high before you will score 100.

good job @athos.franco123

I would suggest you disable the animation for the background. There are people that can get motion sickness from such moving backgrounds.

Personally, I find it too distracting and attention-grabbing. You might be able to get away with it if you use an overlay and some blur, but I would be very mindful of the accessibility issue of motion sickness.