I made car parking software but need some help!

i made had made car parking software by c++ and i am17 year old i am just beggner i need some one who can give me advice + help me in changes of my softwarestrong text

Hi @rushirajsinhzala16 !

Welcome to the forum!

There are developers on the forum that know C++ that could probably assist you with your question. You will need to provide so more information.

First off, you are going to need to post your code. If it is around 20 lines of code then you can post it here on the forum. Otherwise, I would suggest sharing a github repo for the project.

Secondly, you are going to have to be more specific about what you need help with.

You are going to have to explain what the project is supposed to do and what issues you are having.

What error messages are you having when you try to compile your code?

Or maybe you are not having any compile issues but you want your code to do this and right now it is doing this.

The more specific you can be the better.

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