I made Free Code Campers a project starter for the front end projects

This is for beginners, so you don’t have to know anything except html, css and jquery: https://github.com/elisecode247/Basic-Front-End-Project

Instead of using CodePen, you can develop locally on your computer. CodePen is way more convenient, but the benefit of this is you can see what all the code looks like, keep your projects private, and get comfortable in this type of environment. From here, you can get started learning and practicing the command line interface, Git, GitHub, npm, automation and build tools, and trying out different types of code editors like Atom, which is what I use.

I created this because when I was going through the Front End projects, I wanted this option, but didn’t know how to recreate the auto browser reload that makes using CodePen so convenient.

Hope you all like it! And if you see any mistakes or want to make improvements, try submitting issues on GitHub and submitting pull requests, and don’t worry about if you do it right or not; I’m not entirely confident in my GitHub skills either.


Thanks, I edited the readme so it doesn’t imply FreeCodeCamp requires CodePen. I made this for absolute beginners, so I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone with including Git/GitHub. Since Git/GitHub Pages is pretty straight-forward, if a Camper wants to tackle GitHub Pages, they can most likely do it on their own with the instructions from GitHub.

yep love this too … played video … no sound or was that just on mine … reason i liked it was when i got visual studio and wanted to have webpage preview update on save i had such a hard job finding out how to set things up like the gulpfile and package.jason file … eventually got it sorted mainly form CSS-Tricks site … but even then that had a lot more than i wanted … I just wanted a real basic update page on any changes to index css of js file. So what you have done here i would have loved to have found when i set up visual studio. So well done great job.

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I’ve finished my first frontend challenge few hours ago, and was about to create such a template (I love automating stuff)! Then I saw your post :slight_smile:
Good job!
I’ll open up a pull request suggesting some enhancements I think are cool :wink:

Here’s a quick boilerplate I’ve used in the first few backend challenges. It’s not complete, but might interest you as well.

Note: It fetches your name, username, email from the git configuration. So make sure you’ve got that set-up :wink:

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