I made it, I got the front end certificate

Well this might not seem relevant to anyone but I just want to thank the whole community for the help this is a proud moment for me I put countless hours to get this done it took me about a year, In the meantime, I did take different certifications like Udacity and Udemy.

Currently, I am pretty confident about my skills. I am going to keep going through curriculum and eventually start looking for the job.

Persistence is the maybe the most valuable skill I acquired in last 15 months. So if you are struggling now just stay persistent it will get better there is no shortcut you have to do the work.
Also, guys if you haven’t learned React I strongly advise you to go and do it as soon as possible, it will speed up the whole process, the learning curve is a bit steep but it’s worth the effort.

Keep up the hard work and thank you, everyone, for being part of this beautiful community.


Congratulations! Well done!

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Congrats mate?! I’m on my way to reach you hahhahaha

Congratulations. Consistency and perseverance is the way. BTW have you found any good introductory React resource that you can recommend?

Congratiulations! :slight_smile:

I learned React from https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-react-web-app-developer-course/learn/v4/
it is a nice introduction, you can get it for as cheap as 10$ Udemy always has discounts.
Also https://vasanthk.gitbooks.io/react-bits/ is good source


While You were doing the challenges, did you take notes while doing the challenges?

Congrats on the certificate!

Congratulations! Thats a big accomplishment. I plan on getting mine finished next month.

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At some point I was using flashcards while I was doing algorithms. But I don’t review the flash cards anymore

Thanks. At one point soon I will get started with React. The Udemy course does look good.

Thanks @DuskyPixel I will look into your list of resources too.

welldone, I am at the hard phase where it seems bloody hard but i will keep going

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Congratulations!!! Wish you nothing but the best.

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Very well done, marinm!

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It takes time.
Stay persistent and keep showing up every day. When you get stuck ask for help.
Stick to one goal only try not to keep up with all the tech news and trends.

I hope this will help you to reach your goal. You got this :slight_smile:

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Yes! You’re so on target with this comment. It’s very easy to get sidetracked trying to learn about and keep up with the latest “thing” tech has on offer. I find myself constantly having to refocus my attention on the core concepts and realistically if you do that, all that other stuff, if you do choose to learn it, will be much less confusing because you have a firm foundation in the basics. And a huge congratulations by the way! This was no small feat! Well done.

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Thanks for you post. I don’t know about everyone else, but it keeps me motivated to see other people get through it. I’m still just on my 3rd month, it’s hard to really look at how far I’ve come. Everyday is such a challenge and some of the challenges and projects can make you feel dumb, but I know with perseverance, determination and grit, I will be able to get though. Your post just confirms that. Thanks.


I am really happy to hear that. I decided to post this not to brag how great and smart I am but to encourage the people that are struggling.

I know how hard it is and I know how hard and challenging life can be when you shut down the computer. It is really easy to quit when going get’s hard.
I was there I understand the struggle, I am far from genius, English is not my first language, I work a full-time low-end job and I made it so can you and everyone else.

Even though this is not the end of the journey and it’s not like I am suddenly a great developer now when I have the certificate but trust me the progress I made in a year is enormous.
I want to be clear it’s still hard and there are so many things I don’t know but I learned to keep it cool when I run into the wall that seems like a too big obstacle for me. And I learned to ask better questions to read the documentation, to leverage the knowledge I have when I encounter some new problem I never saw before.

Also, I still haven’t got the job which is my main goal. But trust me I feel much more confident, people are reaching out to me for help or recruiters about job opportunities and I haven’t even started to look actively. But I can tell people from the industry have respect for what I did, and I know I am almost there so it is great motivation to keep going. Quitting is not even the option any more, not even when I have the worst day coding, because I just put so many hours until now and I am not letting it go that’s not the option. So stay positive my friend and make sure you put in hours, nothing else matters. Somebody makes it quicker somebody makes it slower. Also, it is not only about how long did it take you to get a job it is also a quality of your first job.

I hope this will keep you motivated at least for next few days, and sorry for the long post. :slight_smile: