I made my Portfolio - take a look!

Hello, I finished some course projects and made my portfolio. Any suggestions would be appreciated.




Love the simplicity, keep it up, too many new devs are overdoing it with colors and animations.

For the about section: State what you graduated in 2015. It sets up wrong expectations for recruiters, just for them to find Odin and fCC projects in your portfolio, instead of commercial apps you developed or worked on. Most will throw you resume onto the rejection pile after, they get too many of them.

tldr: Be open about your education and try to add some commercial projects. Developing for local businesses or Chrome extensions that get accepted into the Google store (the don’t need 1000s of downloads) come to mind.


Thank you, I will follow your advice. I didn’t know about chrome extensions, I’m going to research about that.


Just follow the tutorials to get started. What I like about them is that they make great portfolio pieces, are the right size project for a single developer and can have countless topics/ purposes. If you get one of them accepted into the Google store its the cherry on top that you can show employers.


Hi @rgauna79 !

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I agree that you should showcase some more advanced projects on your portfolio.
Small apps like todos, and weather apps and nice when you are first learning but won’t help you stand out and impress recruiters and hiring mangers.
They see 1000’s of the same small apps.
You list other technologies on there like Python and PhP. Build some more advanced projects with those languages.

But also, on your resume, you list out that you worked for 4 years as a software developer.
Then it looks like you took a break from software. So you will need to be prepared to talk about that break.

Also, that software job doesn’t list the impact you left on the company what your accomplishments were.
Right now you have listed a few technologies.
You will need to work on sprucing up your resume so it better shows your accomplishments.
You can take a look at these articles here


Thank you, I took a break from software development since I migrated from Venezuela to the United States, and now I am updating technologies. I’m going to take your advice.

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