I make about 3 mistakes when I read every step of the course. How to focus better?

When the course step lists 3 things to do with 6 variables or elements, I try reading 2-3 things at a time and implementing it.
Will this hamper me in the future?
How can I start improving now?
I am 2 projects down and still struggle.

Eg: When it says class selector, I assume id selector. I always miss the instruction of having normal or bold font-weight.

Hello @hi.pri welcome to the FCC community. No it will not harm you in the future because you already identified it as a weakness now and that in itself is a step forward to conquering that weakness. Everyone has a weakness and that’s normal it would be weird/strange not to have one.

All you gotta do is take your time in tackling this and making sure you stay encouraged to keep pushing. It’s okay to struggle. I have worked on over 40 projects and I still struggle lol but I can say that there’s been distinct improvement over time.

Try to take baby steps towards implementations. Read one instruction and then before implementing try to understand the instruction and if it’s confusing, ask questions and then when you believe that you have completely understood the instruction, implement it.

Don’t rush your journey. Take your time with it. You’re doing amazing already. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Teamie! Happy you are DISTINCTLY better!

I will calm down :stuck_out_tongue: I freaked out cause the corrections I had to make - I would have never caught it without the FCC course. I would have blindly done something silly.

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