I must have missed something

Hi all,
I am a coding newbie and currently at the ‘Personal Portrait Page’ part of the programme.

When we were introduced to CSS, particularly ‘Bootstrap’, it appeared to me that it was presented that Bootstrap was a 3rd party (yet accepted) appendage for the HTML and CSS foundation.

So why when we visit the getBootstrap.com website, does it offer ‘Download Bootstrap’ options???

Then to follow on, why does Foundation.zurb.com also offer ‘Download Everything’ options?

Even more confusing is that ALL of these downloads are only offered in Windows format???

Do we NEED to download Bootstrap, Foundation and others? If so, what if we wish to use Linux or Mac?

I never knew we had to ‘download’ code! ???

as far as these different css frameworks.
there are multiple ways to include the frameworks in your projects.
one common way is through a CDN - a content delivery network
these are the links from outside sources, that you can include in an index.html file
the site codepen has its own system of added these and if you are using codepen i can expand further on that
you can also download the files and place them directly in your project
a lot of what you do depends on how and where you want to develop your projects
personally, i own a chromebook, when i first started i used codepen and their cdn system, now i use an online IDE called cloud 9.
being familiar with bootstrap is good since it is very common, but knowing every css framework out there is not necessary
i have used foundation before and i like it


Thanks for your reply.

It has clarified somewhat the situation, as I remember inserting the link into the code earlier in the challenges.

Clearly I need to brush up on my CSS general knowledge and familiarity.

Onwards and upwards!