I must memorize codes to apply for interview and get a job?

I must memorize codes to apply for interview and get a job?
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Hello, Campers
I have to memorize codes to get a job?
such as css, jquery codes or any other languages when I apply to interview

for example, codes like

for example codes like

p:first-child {
background-color: yellow;
or I just know how to deal with them?
and many thanks in advance


Do you mean, being able to spit out the syntax of each of the languages you could apply to an interview ?

Nah, definitly not ! Or it would only be to please non technical people ^^
You need to be able to introduce the languages with exemples of how you used them, how you dealt with them, difficulties you could have face and overcome, etc


thanks for reply ,I mean they may ask me to create website in front of them or may ask me to convert psd to website in front of them
so I have to memorize codes to create the project they ask ?
for example codes like

p:first-child {
background-color: yellow;
so how I read about campers here got a job in a couple of months? I think it take months to master and memorize all html css js codes


Well, I don’t think that much of work for an interview yet they may ask you tests questions, but this usually happens before as a test session to alreay filter candidates.
The point of the interview is see if you fit the post and reallt want it, if you have the enterprise’s spirit … And thus you should be able to explain them by your projectsn by your motivation, by your curious state of mind, how you can fulfil the post

No one knows all HTML, CSS, JS because they are constantly evolving, and being able to deliver that doesn’t mean you can make use of them :stuck_out_tongue:


Never, ever memorise anything in programming. Understand what the language is used for and how to solve problems with it.

Imagine someone who is learning a foreign language (say, Italian), asking someone else if they need to memorise all books that were written in Italian to successfully learn the language.

Your question proves that you’re very early in your coding education - stay focused on the basics and make sure you understand why you’re using certain tools and don’t focus on how.

You will eventually memorise how by doing. But make sure to get your why sorted first.

Good luck!


if the recruiter/interviewer is from indian companies (with apologies to people from India), e.g. TCS, Wipro, HCL, Infosys, etc, and if the recruiter/examiner is like that, you should be expected to memorize.
If you are applying for non-sweatshop jobs, then you don;t need to worry about that


thanks so much for helpful reply


thanks so much for helpful reply
but please what do you mean by non-sweatshop jobs?


I would ignore this comment, it’s generalising and offensive.

My advice on this still stands - any company that you would want to work for will value your skills in understanding things, solving problems and being cooperative. Not memorising everything there is to memorise.


non-sweatshop jobs I ment the regular ones for good reputable companies you are applying for.
HCL, TCS, Infosys, Wipro and these companies are basically sweatshop companies who care little to none about you and will exploit you and outsource you for the least amount of money they can pay you.

That is what I ment.

Unfortunately I have fallen for them in the past.


Memorizing will help only for a small while if it’s a common question which comes “in every other interview”. Instead, take some break from applying for jobs and start practicing things which you know and would be good to get you to employable stage. In this way, when you apply the next time and get an interview there is not needed for more memorizing. Just brush up the concepts and go ahead :slight_smile:


hahahhaha true that not an insult i remember being asked a MS excel formula for mob cells in an interview but for their world it works.
they can memorize full payroll sheet with their respective candidates. which in my experience it curb the laziness i had in me .