I need a feedback! :D

This is my project
My project

I want some feedbacks please! It’s the first time that i made a website from 0 and used javascript;

(i know that is posible to make “transition” beetwen pages without js)

for (let i = 0; i < menuBtn.length; i++) {
  let button = menuBtn[i];
  button.addEventListener('click', function() {

when selecting a item on a Li using a dom , dont select them like that , you will end up having an event bubbling effect
explained here.


for css part u can use * to select all elements , you dont have to type out each elements individually.

Either then that , the page looks clean and nice. You can definately improve the code but its a good start

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WOOOW thank you for the info! I will look the video

np , i still dont understand what you use the dom for tho? i dont see any js effect when i click on it besides hovering which can be done in css.

With the js i just remove and replace a class; i make the info container be hidden;
I know it can be done with css but i just try this :smiley:

I added that playlist (Javascript DOM Tutorial) in my “Must see playlists”

Think you did a good job in there. I like that you customized the scrollbar to be according to the general color theme. I would only add in css under a.menu a border like:

a.menu {
/*previous code here */
border-left: 5px solid #f2f2f217;

to get rid of that text pushing effect when you hover the menu links.

I updated the code! Check the js now
@sorinr i also updated the css