I need a guide for making a contact form that sends email to my inbox

I still dont know how to make a contact form that lets people send me messages. I know about node mailer but i think thats more for sending messages, not really what im looking for. can anyone help me out?

also I have gmail

If you want html, try this (replace joe@ex… with your email, set the subject to something, or remove it) :slight_smile:

<a href="mailto:joe@example.com?subject=feedback">email me</a>
Extra Info

If you want a desktop text editor, I recommend Atom, btw. Add Autocomplete+ to get stuff like the mail anchor! (type “mailto” if you have it)

doesnt work. maybe its something to do with gmail?

also vscode forever

I made mine with php. Use a PHP e-mail contact form guide plus some w3schools pages on sanitizing form content. Then you just use an HTML form tag.

I don’t have the original PHP contact form that I used. If you’ve learned JS, PHP is very similar, and you don’t need to study PHP really to follow the guide.

One problem with using HTML tags mail:to is that some users won’t have an e-mail client setup. For example, when I click mailto: tags in Google Chrome, nothing happens.

Actually I used w3schools for this: https://www.w3schools.com/php/php_form_validation.asp

Here is my latest version from that tutorial:


disclaimer, this is a basic contact link, not a form, and it may have been the missing double slashes causing the issue.
<a href="mailto://youremail@gmail.com?subject=subjecthere">Email me</a>