I need a help about understanding some materials

Hello, i started FCC 3 days ago and i finished the HTML5 and CSS section, but i’m not sure i got all of it. i think i got about 99% of it, is that good?

If you really still know 99% you are doing great. Once you start with the projects, you will see how much you still know (and most likely find out how much you don’t know). Just keep going, and keep in mind that you can always go over challenges again.

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You’re never going to memorize it all. I think it’s more important to know the basics, understand the concepts, and know how to find the answer when you need to.

Ninety-Nine percent is great! What you need to do like the rest of us is build some practice webpages. Try and recreate a webpage or play with Div elements and change properties and just create new things. It is only through practice that we will become efficient. Good Luck!