I need a mood for programming, is this normal?

Whenever I have to solve problems, I need a mood. I can’t solve problems when I see them, I need to have a mood to solve them. Is this normal. The mood comes once a week or so. It comes when my mind is stress free and I’m tired of doing other stuffs but relaxed.

I cant say I have ever waited for a “mood” to work on problems. There have been times where I have had to step away for a day or two when I was stuck on a problem.

Once a week is a long time to not be working on problems. It would take a while for you to learn and move on by doing things once a week, but then I dont know everything you got going on

I can fully understand that life happens, and being stressed is a hard thing to get away from. However, I think theres still a need to work on this stuff even when you are stressed. Maybe, not a lot but at least try and make some progress. Like I said, life happens and there no guarantee of a time when you might not be stressed because theres always going to be something that happens that cant be controlled. I dont think I know anyone who is honestly stress free right now, but they keep working through it.

Dont drive yourself mad, but it can be worth it to force yourself to sit down and at least work on something for an hour a day. Doing it once a week is not going to be very beneficial

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Sure. Like anything else I do I’m sometimes more interested in programming than other times. I don’t have the luxury of just not doing it though (since it’s my job), so I have to work on it whether I’m in the mood or not.

I am opposite from you. The challenges are my test of my character for my learning. I find coding to be my escape from the outside pressures of my daily life. I sit at the computer and either work on lessons in Responsive Web Design, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures, or come into the Forum to observe and attempt to answer questions.
So you might say, I am in one constant ‘coding mood’ :slight_smile:

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