I need a room for rent in the Bay Area - can offer free one-on-one coding instruction

I recently had a major life event which forces me to find a new place to live by March 31st. I currently live in Santa Clara, CA. In January of this year I started the Free Code Camp as a way to change my career direction. I have been in web development for 15 years with my own business. Over the past 7 years, competition has greatly increased and I did not keep up with the latest tools and changes in existing tech (i.e. javascript). Anyway, I have quite a bit of savings from the “good” years, but my current income is a mere fraction of what it takes to live here with any dignity.

I feel I am making significant progress here on FCC and also feel very confident in Python now after 5 months of studying it. I really want to stay in the Bay Area if possible, because of all the networking potential for landing a job as a full-stack developer here (my ultimate goal) and being able to interview for a job at a moments notice. With all my time devoted to studying and completing the necessary projects, I expect to complete the FCC certification (minus the non-profit projects) within 3 months.

Basically, what I am looking for in a room:

  • private furnished or unfurnished bedroom room with a medium sized closet to put the few but important items I have in.
  • at least 3 month lease (prefer longer), so I don’t constantly have to be worry about my next move and can focus on finishing my certification here.
  • access kitchen to cook at least one meal per day (typically dinner)
  • shared or private bath is fine with me. I don’t mind cleaning once per week.
  • room rent between $900 and $1200 per month (with the higher end meaning more household amenities or larger than normal room)

More about me as a roommate:

  • My current credit score is 815
  • I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs of any kind
  • I have no pets
  • I am very neat and clean and do not have many belongings
  • I would not have any guests
  • I am not a vegetarian, but could definitely not store/cook/eat meat products in the house if necessary
  • I am OK with a male or female roommate
  • In the summer months, I enjoy hiking and/or backpacking on the weekends in Big Sur or the Sierras.
  • I also enjoy running 5-6 days per week.

Bonus: As your roommate, I would be willing to give 1-2 hours per day of in-person algorithm development instruction. I have completed all the beginner, intermediate, and advanced algorithm sections on FCC (see https://github.com/rmdawson71/Free-Code-Camp).

If I sound like someone who could be your next roommate, please contact me via this website by going to https://forum.freecodecamp.com/users/rmdawson71/activity and using the Message button to send me a private message. Feel free to ask me anything in your message. This is my last hope as using craigslist for 4 weeks has yet to produce any results.

Thanks in advance,


For that rent, you could move to up and coming tech hub Pittsburgh (Google, Uber self driving cars, Carnegie Mellon University) and pay your full mortgage and buy your own house for under $80,000!

Seriously though good luck, you’ve got a good plan!

Bumping this up because I am still searching for a place.