I Need a Team to Work With

Hi campers, am currently working on my startup and I need four people to join my team. Please it is voluntary. Kindly contact me at info@successvalley.tech if you are interested. Thanks.

What the requirements for joining this team?

What kind of people do you need, e.g. any particular technologies using, experience requirements?

Good luck with the project!

Your projects are extremely impressive. Actually I will need a team who will help students and other aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with information on startups, help in designing their websites and advising them on how to start and operate a startup. We will be partnering with other organizations and institution. No qualification is required but must be knowledgeable in web development and its applications. Just let me know if you are interest for the position of Lead Developer. We will start full operation in September, 2017.Thanks for the time.

You must be knowledgeable in web development and its application. No certification is required.