I need advise because I'm kind of lost

I’ve started thinking to search for jobs and I post about it here two days ago. However, what I concluded is that I need more projects and more knowledge(experience) to do so. in the way of searching about that(more resources for more projects) I’ve found The Odin Project, and Microverse. Microverse claims that they will help you find job after finishing their curriculum and you will pay them 15K$ after landing your first job. that exactly what made me think to join them because they gonna help me on the hardest part ‘FRINDING JOB’.
so do you guys advise me to join microverse ? or just to combine TOP with FreeCodeCamp and search by myself later about jobs.
ps: I’m not a USA citizen.

Hi @baha.redaaaa !

Here are my thoughts.

For me personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with this type of setup.
I was just reading through their structure here

Here’s why I am not a fan.

I am not comfortable with this statement

we will never charge you anything unless you first get a job as a software developer making at least $1,000 a month.

I am not cool with the minimal threshold being set at
$1,000 a month.

I think that is way to low of threshold.

I completely understand that salary and living expectations are different around the world.
I also understand that I am viewing this through my money bias as a U.S. citizen.

But I think the threshold needs to be way higher.

It would great if they could start the threshold at $45,000-$50,000.

Because of this clause here
we will charge you 15% of your monthly salary. The payments will stop once you reach a cap of $15,000.

I want to start at a higher salary.
A minimum of $12,000 a year is not going to work for me.
I would be paying them $150 a month forever at that salary.

I personally would not go with this program and find alternative solutions to finding a job.

I will suggest to you a group that I am involved with called virtual coffee

They hold weekly meetings as well as host free events and good discussions on their slack channel.

It is pretty diverse group of developers from around the world.
You might be able to connect with others that are facing the same issues and share resources on getting remote work.

I will also link FCC’s chat

That’s just my two cents :grinning:


First, be aware that The Odin Project and microverse are in no way connected. Odin is free and open source, and microverse takes that content, implies that they’ve added value, and resell that free content.

Further, microverse directs those who have purchased that curriculum to pursue questions or concerns on the Odin discord.

There is some overlap in material between Odin and freecodecamp, because they’re both introductory - in either, you’re learning core HTML, CSS and javascript. Once beyond fundamentals, there is some divergence, but to begin, they cover similar material in different ways.

Personally, I’d consider starting right here, as freecodecamp provides a very solid foundation, and if you feel a different perspective of similar material might help, then consider Odin.

If it were me, I’d avoid microverse, or nearly any site that charges for another (free) resource.


thank you for your advice. I’ll join the virtual coffee and also FCC’s chat. thank you very much once again.

you are right. The fact that they are taking a free resource n make in it payable scares me. Better to count on myself and try harder to get my first job. Thank you.

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Hey! I thought I saw you in virtual coffee’s meeting today.

We you able to ask the group some questions and get a better sense on what to do next with your career?


yeah. I’ve join the meeting today, it was great. I haven’t get the chance yet to ask as I didn’t get the slack invitation yet. Thank you for sharing that great community tho.

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