I need all the all the feedback to improve my skill in web development

This my tribute page https://codepen.io/fanik/full/MNOVoE
I saw many unique design in the feedback page. Now I’m regretting to follow the design of the example pen. Nonetheless, it’s my first time to make a web page. So, this is to be expected I guess😅

It looks good. It responds well, and the use of contrast makes Stan Lee’s image and caption stand out from the rest of the page.

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Thanks a lot, @leebut. I know, it needs a lot of improvement. Can you give me some pointers how to do so using only CSS?

You picked a font that matches Stan Lee pretty well.
Add a little bit of border-radius to your picture window.
Maybe add a small touch of gradient to your page to make the red and blue blend in a little bit together.

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Thanks a lot @ConnerOw1115. I will try to add these.