I need an advice about asyncronous programming

Hello everyone.
I am trying to become certified as a full-stack developer, I am studying Microservices.

I have great difficulty understanding and practicing asynchronous programming, promises, async/await, etc. And writing server-side programs is all “asynchronous”.

What are the resources here on FCC (additional and different than the normal lessons) that I can access to try to learn more about asynchronous programming?

Or even better, are there sites on the web with exercises to practice asynchronous programming, especially with node.js?

You aren’t alone there, it is confusing stuff. So I think the first step is to take a deep breath and cut yourself some slack.

The resources on FCC are what they are - as good as we can quickly build them, but they certainly aren’t comprehensive. If you need to fill in the gap, I would recommend searching on youtube.

I think the first step is to understand async. I’d just go on the client side and practice fetches agains a site like https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/. Can you comfortably use it with a callback? With promises? With async/await? Watch some youtube videos and get very comfortable.

Now, can you build a basic endpoint and hit it with Postman? Build some endpoints and try different techniques of handling async. Look up some youtube videos again if needed.

Then maybe have your API consume other APIs or DBs.

Just build the skills.

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