I need an advice, please

Hello friends, its my first topic, so i apologize if i created it in the wrong section.

i find myself being a bit lost at the moment and i thought maybe you could help me find a way.
Ive been solving challenges on FCC for a bout few months now(taking my time) Finished “Responsive web design” . And then i started JS course. It was pretty easy at first, no difficulties until “Golf code”, “Counting cards” where i couldnt come up with solution and had to look for answers. More shocking to me was that i couldnt complete " Accessing Nested Objects", “Accessing Nested Objects”. Shocking cuz the answers to them were so easy, but i just couldnt see them. And then i realized that im only good at following instructions, but once they become unclear or pseudo-code becomes obscure(i get it tho, we have to think on our own) i get totally lost and helpless. Which leads me to believe that there is a big piece of theory or maybe some basics that im missing? What do you think folks? is it ok for me to press on? or should i go read something?
Im passionate about the path i chose and i do wanna become a developer. So i intend to see it through. if you ve been through the same i would very much appreciate your advice. Thank you!

What you’re experiencing is very normal. JS is “real” programming and it gets hard. And FCC kind of rushes through it and not everything fits into FCC’s format of bite sized challenges with a few sentences of information.

If I ran into trouble in the “Accessing Nested Objects” challenge (and I probably did), then I’d start logging out the data with console.log. I’d google concepts, like accessing properties, etc. That challenge is tough because you have to wrap your head around the the different layers. It can make an experienced programmer have to stop and think. I think the point isn’t that you should be able to solve it instantly, but that you should be able to work your way through it.

Don’t get frustrated, just keep learning.

Honestly there is a lot you need to know, computer science theories, mathematical algorithms, electronics e.t.c. but just like formal education, you apply just a fraction of what you learnt on the job. press on and finish up, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I got a job without any programming knowledge just developing websites with WordPress and Elememtor

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