I need FeedBack for my Portfolio

Hi, I’d like to get some feedback for my portfolio.

This is the link: https://www.gen1s.tk/

Thank you for your time!!!


It looks great and honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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Hi,your portfolio is awesome and looks neat!
Here just to say one thing ,in project section you displayed your projects list,better if you make the UI looks the each project card with label on same height of images

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I second what @Mathivathana said. The uneven height between the projects blocks makes it look weird and inconsistent.

Other than that, it looks awesome! You are very skilled at a young age. You will do great things in the future :smiley:

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Hey @gen1s cool portfolio page - I think you did a great job

If you want some challenges to make to your page, I suggest making your portfolio frames consistent sizes for a cleaner look.

And how about adding a sample of projects and comments on your homepage, and adding a “See more” button which links to /projects and /comments.

Overall, I love the design and color scheme! Keep up the great work

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