I need feedback for my quote machine project

this is my first react app I’ve build by myself. I’m using the modern react (functional components instead of class components), here is link for the app :https://redapy.github.io/random-quote-machine/
and this is the raspatory on GitHub:

please tell me about anything that’s not good practice, or if I could do something in a better way. I accept all feedback and critics.

It looks good @baha.redaaaa. Some things I noticed;

  • When navigating via the keyboard it’s hard to tell when the “new quote” button has focus
  • There were some quotes that fall out of the container on smaller screens. The quotes are long. Maybe decreasing the font a little would help. Attaching a couple of screenshots.
    You’ll notice in the first screenshot that the “new quote” button has focus…it’s hard to tell though.

thnx a lot, ill try to fix those problem.

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