I need feedback for my Tribute Page Project

Here’s the tribute page - https://codepen.io/jinnd319/pen/LbXoOw

Don’t let your memes be dreams!

I feel like I didn’t push hard enough for this project. Any suggested improvements will be greatly appreciated.

You’ve done a good job - I can see you tried to use and understand html and css.

It’s ok to move on to the next project and come back to this when you have cooled down a little bit.

For next time you might want to learn a bit more about basic CSS selectors, so that you can spare yourself the trouble of having to add a Class to every li element just to style them.

Here’s a CSS selectors cheatsheet for reference, and a quick introduction to 30 CSS selectors you should know . There’s also a section about CSS in the wiki.

Next would be to have a closer look at the Bootstrap Grid. It’s not the best there is but feel free to fork this (just remember that adding lots of IDs like I did was out of laziness) and try it out for yourself.

Again, this is only because it will make your life so much easier !

Thanks! I will be sure to look through those links!

PS I realize I must sound like I know what I’m talking about, but I’m also learning…It’s just stuff I have found really useful and used myself!