I need feedback on my portfolio -WarlordKnight

I need feedback on my portfolio http://codepen.io/WarloirdKnight/pen/ZBoPgq
Some FreeCodeCamp users said the blue circle place holder for a picture of me was taking up the whole screen whereas it was not taking the whole screen up on my computer. I think I fixed it by adding a percentage to its height and width instead of just letting it be any size, but am not sure. Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you -WarlordKnight


Good start ! When I downsize my screen the circle comes in front of the first example of your work. Maybe working with Flexbox would help ?

The border of your circle pops out a lot (but that’s just my opinion) and your examples by comparison seem to lose their “presence”. Maybe you could play around with borders to try to unify the look of everything?