I need guidance-Today's my first day learning web development

Hello everyone,

As stated in my topic title, today I have decided to start learning web development. I’m a very creative person with an entrepreneurial spirit. My goal is to develop several web apps that will allow my business ideas to come to life.

I feel overwhelmed and lost with many doubts as to which is the best path to take to reach my goals within web development. I ask myself questions such as: How can I determine which programming languages and frameworks will be necessary for the web apps I would like to create?

I am afraid that due to my lack of knowledge, I might end up devoting too much to the wrong languages to later find out that they won’t help me create the web apps I envision. I would appreciate any guidance that can be provided to me.

Right now you just need to worry about learning the basics. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are universal across any web application. With a strong foundation in the core technology of the web, your options regarding libraries and frameworks will make more sense.


Thank you for the advice. I’ll definitely take that into consideration.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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I agree with ArieLeslie above. Too many tools, frameworks and convenient things to get lost in. Learn the basics as mentioned above and try your hardest NOT to use the shortcuts until you’re proficient. This will drive your learning and THEN you’ll be able to choose the tools that you think are efficient on your own. Great luck with it!!!