I need held with this code, I been trying to add a img in the body like a background i been see video and other problem like this but nothing work



      <h1>Imagenes y Efectos</h1>


        Diferentes imagenes de fondo, centrado,cuadricula y por supuesto efectos

        de transicion



    <div class="main"></div>


      <p>Sigue aprendiendo el maravilloso curso de HTML y CSS</p>





footer {

  background-color: white;

  border-style: solid;

  border-radius: 20px;

  padding: 5px;

  text-align: center;


.main {

  height: 1200px;


body {

  background-image: url("carpeta1/foto0.jpg");


Assuming your directory structure is correct the one thing that will cause this to fail is the fancy quotes around carpeta1/foto0.jpg

You can remove them as they’re not needed but if you are going to use quotes you need to use quotes like this " "

Not sure exactly what you’re doing but you may want the body declaration first so you don’t overwrite the header, footer declaration.

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