I need help and support

I am currently a Junior in high school taking AP Computer Science A and as of right now, I have a 71 in the class and finals are next week and I am super scared and nervous that I may fail. I know this website is not made for these kinds of questions, but can someone please offer me their support and advice? I am really struggling and I’m super scared of what may happen if I don’t pass. I’ve been taking Computer Science since Freshman year and I’ve been struggling with it from the beginning. I knew I shouldn’t have taken this course, and I should’ve just dropped it when I had the chance. Now, I need this class to graduate.

  1. This is hard. Everyone here has felt like they were really struggling at some point.
  2. Everything will be ok if you don’t get a 5 on the AP exam. It will even be fine if you fail the class. I know it doesn’t feel that way right now, but it’s true. In a few years you’ll be sitting with your coworkers and everyone will talk about which class they had to repeat and you’ll feel normal.
  3. We’re happy to help however we can. We don’t give homework answers, but if you want to come here and talk through your questions or solutions, we’ll try to help until you feel like you understand it.
  4. You’re going to be ok.

Thank you so much. This really helped!