I need help for completing my project

Hello people, Please I need help to complete my product landing page project and submit it please, I am searching a website like Imgur but where I can host an SVG or how can I get an SVG file into the codepen… I used some SVG on my project and I can’t get it to work on my codepen because I can’t get the SVG in there, if anybody has a solution for this please share, I will highly appreciate it… thanks.

Hi @Eprince,
If you have a ready SVG path, all you have to do is mark whole text from your notepad, then copy and paste it to the HTML window in your codepen. Here’s example:

<h1> My SVG </h1>
<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"
     width="2.08333in" height="2.08333in"
     viewBox="0 0 150 150">
  <path id="Atom"
        fill="white" stroke="gray" stroke-width="1.5"
        d="M 67.14,19.13
           C 80.95,5.15 92.46,32.01 93.00,43.00
             101.05,40.67 121.56,36.11 126.69,45.10..../></svg>

I made it here, so you can take a look

@Eprince I think if you upload the SVG file to your google drive or onedrive and get a link from it. Or upgrade to Codepen Pro and you can add any file you want to them. Or like @Pirate_Rabbit said you can write code for SVG. You can learn writing code for SVG in https://www.w3.org.
Hope this help

Don’t upgrade to codepen pro. There’s not need to pay for anything when there are a lot of places where you can host images for free. Just do a quick search.

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Thanks guys, you guys are the best, i used the @Pirate_Rabbit method and it worked fine… i appreciate you all,… thanks.